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In Case of an Emergency

Q: What should I do when I actually have a loss or experience property damage.

A: Nobody ever expects to have a property loss or for that matter experience any kind of accident. In the event you are unfortunate enough to have to make an Insurance claim because you have experienced a loss it is important you follow these necessary steps to ensure your health and safety.

1. Make sure you and your family are safe and if necessary evacuate your house and call emergency services if required.
2. If your safety is not in jeopardy, find the cause of your loss.
3. Try to eliminate the source. For example, shut off the water supply creating the problem or cover over a broken window to prevent further damage.
4. Remove any contents from the damage area to try to prevent further damage.
5. Arrange for an Emergency Restoration Company such as FGS Muskoka to attend and control the situation in order to mitigate or minimize further damage.
6. Contact your Insurance Company to report the incident and follow their instructions. It is your obligation to minimize damage after a loss. It is your right to contact a Restoration Firm of your choice to professionally deal with the situation.

For immediate assistance, call First General Services' 24 hour hotline at:


The faster you act, the more likely you will be to minimize damage and stress.

Here are some general steps to expect in different types of loss situations.

Water Damage

  • Locate the source of water escape and have the problem repaired immediately by shutting off the main water supply
  • Make sure all drains are clear
  • Remove any excess water with appropriate water extraction equipment
  • Remove any possessions in the path of the water. Wipe water from any affected possessions and move onto protective sheets to minimize further damage
  • Do not utilize any electronic appliances
  • Do not consume food items exposed to water
  • Move all pets to a clean environment


Fire/Smoke Damage

  • Make sure ventilation system is off except when temperature is below freezing (32F)
  • Wipe off any polished surfaces affected by smoke to reduce staining or etching caused by soot
  • Open windows to ventilate if possible
  • Move all pets to a clean environment
  • Do not use any electrical appliances or devices until they have been cleaned and checked
  • Empty your refrigerator or freezer completely if the electricity is down
  • Do not attempt to wash surfaces other than wipe polished surfaces
  • Close doors in affected areas to localize smoke odors
  • Do not consume food items exposed to fire or smoke
  • When temperatures are below freezing (0C) pour anti-freeze in toilet bowls, sinks and tub if heat is off
  • Stay out of all impacted rooms until safety is assured

Wind Damage

  • Have First General Services Muskoka remove loose debris and secure openings in the roof to minimize water entry

Catastrophic Storms

  • Immediately contact First General Services Muskoka to control the situation as these are very confusing times for the entire community


Vehicle Impact and Vandalism

  • Evacuate affected areas and prohibit access
  • Have First General Services Muskoka ensure property is stable before reentering

Emergency Tips

Feeling helpless when a property loss occurs is a normal reaction. We recommend the following tips.

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"Wayne, work looks great, you do amazing work. Thanks for all your efforts and hard work, I wouldn't hesitate to have you come back sometime for a beer. You're a great worker, much appreciated."
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"Hi Ron, I want to thank you again for responding so quickly to our water loss, particularly on New Year's morning. As you know we were headed to Timmins that day so your assistance was very much appreciated. Many thanks for the great job you're guys did."
- Peter H

"Ron, thank you so much for the quick response at Laura's place. I am so grateful. Thank you so much for your excellent knowledge and service, I hope you and your family are doing well."
- Hilary R.

"Hi Ken, Cliff and I are so pleased with the great job you and the crew did in restoring the lower level of our home. Thank you."
- B.H.

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